The Dichotomy of Modern Day Politicians

By Gabrielle Seunagal
Are we the people so jaded by politicians that we are surprised when they keep their word? Over the past few weeks, a plethora of Americans have been appalled with the President for deporting illegal immigrants with criminal records. Mainstream media outlets are now speculating as to how far the deportations will go. It should be obvious. Before the 45th President’s Inauguration, he announced his plans to deport two to three million illegal immigrants with criminal records. The time has now come.
The genuine shock regarding the President’s actions indicates a deep seated issue in American politics. Halting illegal immigration was the central theme of Donald Trump’s campaign. Some people erroneously believed his rhetoric was crafted for show. Americans are so used to duplicitous politicians that it is the new status quo, but now President Trump is setting a new existing state of affairs.

Contrary to liberal beliefs, illegal immigrants are not victims. Countless Americans have lost their lives because of violent undocumented aliens who should have been jailed and deported. Democrats have stated that Americans commit crimes, just like illegal immigrants. Domestic lawbreakers do not excuse illegal acts of foreign terrorists. As a matter of fact, this argument strengthens claims that illegal aliens should face deportation. If this nation is already plagued with criminals, then we need to neutralize them. The first step to subduing criminals is deporting ones who do not belong here to begin with.
President Trump signifies a new day in politics. He is a mighty, patriotic leader who cannot be bought. He follows through on his word, which is evidenced as he continues to have I.C.E. remove dangerous illegal aliens. Presidents should follow through on their promises or be impeached. Criminal illegal aliens will continue be removed from America. The liberal mainstream media can throw as many hissy fits as they please. It will not change the results.

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