The Double Standard of Distracted Driving Laws

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The Double Standard of Distracted Driving Laws (Link to article below)

Constable Andrew Hinds is parked in an unmarked vehicle at the corner of a busy intersection in New Sudbury.

He’s in the middle of a traffic enforcement blitz to catch distracted drivers.

“The person we may ticket today might prevent them from driving on their cell phone tomorrow and potentially hurting themselves or killing another motorist,” he says.

Hinds watches a driver stopped at a red light.

“So you see this truck right here?” Hinds says. “She’s digging through her purse. She could just be looking for papers but that’s one of those clues that I’m looking for, digging for her phone to come out.”

And then the phone does come out.

Hinds jumps out of his truck, walks up to the vehicle and taps on the driver’s window while she’s in mid-conversation, motor still running, then waves her into a nearby parking lot to give her bad news.

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