The economic collapse is here. It’s happening in slow motion and people can’t see it.

Turbulent times are often written about in the history books and myths and legends appear alongside them. However, at the time, many cannot really understand what’s happening. They’re simply going about their lives. Some are doing well. Some are struggling. Life goes on. Certain statistics can foreshadow future events. Some have higher weight and correlation than others. For those who are paying attention to the data, this is truly an interesting time to be alive.

Repo and Reverse Repo Operations – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

2019-09-30.jpg (796×460)

WeWork to Withdraw S-1 Registration Statement | Business Wire

IPO performance.jpg (770×507)

Forever 21 filing for bankruptcy, will close 350 stores – The Washington Post

Forever 21 to close all 44 Canadian stores as it files for bankruptcy – BNN Bloomberg

2019-09-30.png (1190×667)

2019-09-30 (1).png (1185×471)

(2) Reorg First Day on Twitter: “2019 chapter 11 filings are up 18% year-over-year” / Twitter

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Wall Street falls in love again with companies loaded up on debt – BNN Bloomberg

companies-with-weak-balance-sheets-have-outperformed-sturdier-peers.png (1200×675)!/fileimage/httpImage/image.png_gen/derivatives/default/companies-with-weak-balance-sheets-have-outperformed-sturdier-peers.png

An ode to Canada tech stocks after US$6B in value erased – BNN Bloomberg

equity-glitch.jpg (1200×675)!/fileimage/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/default/equity-glitch.jpg

Credit Suisse Saga Reveals Ever-Present Bank Surveillance State – BNN Bloomberg

He Quit Credit Suisse. Then He Caught the Bank’s Spy – WSJ



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