The economy has never created bigger trap

The Big Quake Is Coming to the Markets

Larry McDonald, founder of the investment research service The Bear Traps Report, expects that the ongoing rotation out of tech stocks will cause tectonic shifts in global financial markets. He is betting on the comeback of value and commodity stocks.

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The Fed Keeps ‘Lying to Us’: Strategist on Rising Rates

Tony Dwyer, Canaccord Genuity Chief Markets Strategist joins Yahoo Finance Live to discuss how markets are faring as investors worry about rising rate hikes amid the pandemic.

Homebuilder Confidence Drops as Interest Rates and Lumber Prices Rise

A monthly index measuring builder confidence in the single-family housing market fell, as homebuilders face rising interest rates and rising material costs.

Investors Now Fear Inflation and the Fed More Than COVID, Bank of America Survey Shows

Inflation now has become the biggest “tail risk,” or outlier event, that could cause the most damage, the widely followed gauge of professional investors showed.


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