The Economy is Sinking From GM Layoffs To the Impending Debt Crisis!

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Just look around, the madness is all around. On different scales. In different regions. No matter where you turn, there’s a terrible economic drought right now, induced by central bank intervention with no end in sight. With debt at maximum levels, it begs the question, what will trigger the inevitable event we’re waiting for?

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In your opinion, how will the economy perform in 2019?

GS bs runoff.jpg (865×435)

Fed BS shrinkage gs 1.jpg (665×433)

GM plans white-collar job layoffs over next two weeks

Household-Equities-DPI-020119.png (1443×713)

While 401(k) balances hit year-end lows, there is some good news

Chuck Schumer and Bernie Sanders call for restricting corporate share buybacks

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This start-up buys your home and rents it back to you

Goldman’s CDS Dance With Hedge Funds Lands It in New Legal Mess – Bloomberg

As revenue drops, concern about the proposed state budget rises | Newsday

Out-of-State Buyers Flock to Miami – WSJ




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