The effects of california’s war on uber seem likely to destroy some of america’s most vibrant on-line communities

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Typical idiot leftists. They’re calling on the employer to fix the problem created when they called on the state to hassle the employer.


A message from the SB Nation MLB communities.

Last week we learned that our peers at the California-based SB Nation communities would face major changes under California Assembly Bill 5. You can read the full text of the bill here, but essentially, AB 5 attempts to address the rise of the gig economy and the lack of labor protections afforded to those workers by limiting the use of classifying workers as “independent contractors” rather than full-fledged employees.

SB Nation sites are important because they represent the voices of passionate fans.

What has evolved into the SB Nation collection of communities started more than 15 years ago, fittingly with one California-based site. Today, there exists a platform for every Major League Baseball team’s fanbase, led by a passionate staff of writers and editors who are deeply embedded within their fanbases. They write articles that encompass every aspect of being a fan of that team: game recaps, latest news, trade rumors, team history, minor-league reports, draft coverage, and more, all with comment sections moderated by the editorial team that gives every fan an opportunity to contribute to the discussion. The significance of these spaces for fans cannot be understated.

That’s why, collectively, we find the recent announcement of changes for our colleagues in California disquieting.

On Monday, December 16, most of us learned through Twitter or a post on the main SB Nation site that a significant number of our friends and colleagues were losing their jobs. Some have landed on their feet in another capacity within SB Nation, and we are proud of their continued success.

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