The Elites Fear That the Western Model of Individuality is in Danger

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by Chris Black

Seeing more and more of this from elites. 

The only way to “save” liberalism is to make people religious again. 

Are leftists going to take up these “Judeo-Christian” (the columnist’s term) beliefs? Maybe the Judeo part, and there’s nothing individualistic or tolerant about Judaism.

This isn’t a question of confession (Christianity has many great aspects that provide social goods), but a top down operation to make churches a force for depoliticization against the white right so that Jews and leftists can move forward unimpeded. 

They are attacking us on the basis of race. That doesn’t mean you must hate another group or can’t be religious, but it does mean people for European descent in America and around the world, we must politically rally around the immutable characteristic they hate us for and defeat liberalism before it is too late.  

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Religion can be good for answering the ultimate questions in the next life. But what if we want to ask and answer the ones in this one? We have a moral right to use state power to do it. 

That’s how the winners think. The people in power know full well that most outcomes are the product of collective human action, not divine intervention. They don’t want the majority they are oppressing to know this because they don’t want us to resist.

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