The End Game for Them is Not Necessarily to Be Right, the End Game is to Win

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by Chris Black

The end game is not necessarily to be honest.

The end game is not necessarily to be compassionate.

To play by the rules.

To follow the law.


Leftists don’t care if they scan the same ballot 1000 times.

A ballot is not a vote, it is a mechanism for their candidate to win.

Cheating is simply a tool for victory.

The idea that cheating is wrong is a moral rule for weak minded conservatives.

The only thing that matters is victory.

A conservative will tell their child who loses at a basketball game to see it as a learning experience, i.e. a way to get better and win next time.

It isn’t that you won, it is that you had the courage to play the game.

The leftist sees the child as weak, not worthy of victory because they lack what is necessary to win.

They will scream at the kid for losing.

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This is so that the child will do whatever is necessary to win next time.

Cheating, bribing, pushing when the ref isn’t looking, tripping, whatever is needed to win.

Victory is rewarded. Losing is punished.

In college leftists all cheat on homework and exams.

They don’t care about learning, only getting the grade necessary to be at the top.

I witnessed it all the time.

A known leftist professor will even side with the progressive student, if a conservative student presents iron clad evidence of cheating.

In the workplace, leftists will steal ideas and constantly engage in one-upmanship instead of actually doing work.

Places like Google, Apple, and Amazon are filled with angry leftists who spend their entire day plotting in meetings.

The actual work is probably done by less than a dozen people, with thousands of others just shuffling their work around.

You could eliminate 100% of the left and actually increase productivity in the world.

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