The END Of The US Dollar! – MORE Countries Swap Out Of World Reserve Currency!


Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the countless countries swapping out of the US dollar as the world reserve currency loses faith, the only thing keeping it from completely crashing and starting a domino effect around the world!
The most recent news is that India and the UAE have agreed to trade in local currencies instead of the USD.
The Indian Embassy in Abu Dhabi said this,
“The bilateral currency swap agreement between India and UAE is expected to reduce the dependency on hard currencies like the US dollar,”
So they openly say they are working towards replacing the US Dollar. This signifies something we’ve been warning about for years. The US Dollar is the old guard and massive players like India and China are starting to separate themselves from the currency as the two most populated countries in the world attempt to create the next major world reserve currency through a digital, centrally planned cashless system. Will they succeed? That’s another story entirely, but we know this is the goal of these nation states and for that reason individuals must prepare themselves for this massive power shift. Remember, Russia is also working outside of the US Dollar. The Russian government has already released plans for a Russia-led trade zone outside of the US Dollar!

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Individuals must break free from the central banking system, the fiat legal tender system. People must decentralize, be financially responsible, self sustainable, independent. Do not be dependent on this massive complex of debt.




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