The era of political everything

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Political talk used to be reserved for the news. Whether that be newspapers, magazines and usually the nightly news or the major networks.
In today’s upside down and backwards word politics is in everything.
Try watching a t.v. show without some either subtle or blatant political message or subtle social engineering message.
Try watching a movie without any of the same.
Sports? Nope. More political agenda pushed into it.
Public school? Sure civics was a decent class taught to help educate kids about how the government worked both local and federal. Today however, it’s all agenda driven. You’re either with Trump or against him. There’s no in-between to be had.
Children are growing up in households that speak politics or agendas all day, everyday.
They go to public school and get taught what they should be supporting. They go to college and are indoctrinated even further into the liberal mindset. They are told they free speech and free expression are bad and that toeing the line for the liberal agenda is the only way the country will survive.

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Thank goodness our founding fathers didn’t have that same mindset or we would be the United States of Britain.
If somehow we can reverse this massive discourse of us vs. them then maybe we will have a shot at surviving as a country.

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I fear we are to far gone with the political rhetoric. We have turned into what every terrorist group has ever wanted. A country that will tear itself apart from within. We are turning into Ancient Rome.
California will eventually tax its population into poverty and then complain that the rest of the country has what it needs and the trend will spread through every state until it is all out war for resources, cash, votes and labor.

I hope i’m wrong but I know I’m not. History has always been a good measure of what’s to come and we are repeating it.


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