The era of the left is coming to an end

Sweden will hold a general election on September 9 and the polls prior to the election have shown eurosceptic Sweden Democrats almost doubling its support since 2014.. Sweden is seeing a whole new political agenda on the rise. The party’s left-wing politics has been stronger in Sweden than in almost any other country, but now the era of the left might be coming to an end.

Fewer voters are interested in issues such as labour rights and are instead concerned about immigration policies and globalisation. Professor in Political Science at Gothenburg University said that what Sweden is now experiencing is also happening elsewhere in Europe..

He said: “This is not just a Swedish trend, it is happening all over Europe.. “Governments in most European countries are struggling to get re-elected because of the rise of right-wing parties. It’s a whole new agenda introduced and the left are struggling to come up with answer’s to voter’s concerns related to immigration.”

Yep. Austria, Hungary, Poland, Italy already turned – Germany, Sweden and France next.


The Brexit vote in 2016 was a manifestation of a certain kind of populism. But these impulses were and are far from unique to Britain. Across the Atlantic, the Trump bandwagon swaggers on.. And in other parts of Europe populist governments driven by a desire to entrench nativist values within their jurisdictions are firmly ensconced.

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Hungary and Poland are at the apex of a wave of what some term “illiberal” governance in Central and Eastern Europe. The more accurate term for this phenomenon is simply “authoritarianism” and its sweeping advance across the continent now poses acute problems for the European Union..

This week saw an announcement from the Soros-backed Open Society Foundation that it was closing its operations in Hungary and moving staff to Berlin, citing an increasingly repressive legal and political environment and ongoing security concerns.. In both Hungary and Poland, creeping authoritarianism has been fuelled by and further propelled populistic and nakedly xenophobic anti-immigrant campaigns. Orbán and Kascyński regularly expound on their vision of what their countries should be: white, Christian, mono-ethnic, and dominated by a single political party headed by a strong leader..

This is a leftie site. They see wanting your white Christian country to stay white and Christian as wrong.



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