The Establishment Admits to a Second Financial Crisis

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Up until very recently, there were essentially two kinds of business and economic reporting trends emanating since the 2008 Financial Crisis: Sanguine, triumphant and motivating news in the mainstream corporate transatlantic financial press, versus pensive, probing and skeptical viewpoints in the alternative economic press. The former was from sources tethered to the central and corporate banking sectors in Europe and North America, presenting information and sentiments meant to keep public expectations buoyant and optimistic about the state of Anglo-American economies. The latter was from independent analysts, contrarian observers, foreign press in Eastern & Southern hemispheres and keen bloggers who knew how to dig for data, determined not to be fooled again over real economic affairs. The former relied upon much false data emanating from government bureaus intent upon upholding confidence among consumers, in the financial markets and among foreign bondholders; the latter invested rigor into more credible metrics, monetary & political history, and fell back upon a decent track record of having called past financial crises.

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