The establishment will eventually try to "provoke" a violent revolution from the masses, and out of this chaos, they will implement their "New Order". -"Once they have you violent, they know how to handle you. The only thing they DON'T know how to handle is humor and nonviolence"- John Lennon

by zepheryytyy
I’ve been seeing themes of revolution in music and television ads for awhile now, as if the social engineers are anticipating a violent revolution, and they are trying to take control of the narrative and “steer” it in the desired direction that benefits them. This is business as usual, considering these people know the plans and the narratives before ANY of us do. So, they have had unlimited time to think, to predict, project, and create an entire plan with several alternative plans and damage control procedures ect. This is how this entity operates.
Here is an example of this. They use programming in music to prepare us for this. Themes of “oppression” and “uprising” are prevalent in nearly every major Hollywood film or television program, as well as advertisements.
Nickleback (barf) “Edge of a Revolution”

Banned Pepsi Advertisement
Essentially, they know we are going to push back soon. We have figured out the scheme, this was inevitable and is to be expected. You bet your ass they have a plan lined up to deal with us, and they WANT us to react violently. Why? Because they can use all that fancy expensive military riot gear on our asses and have an excuse to “round up” the extremists who oppose the state.
Our resistance needs to be a carefully thought out, and non violent effort. Our goal right now should be to reach the masses and simply show them what’s happening. They need to realize they are being programmed, and this left/right paradigm, as well as the economic system we HAVE to abide by to survive, has enslaved us. The people of the world need to see it’s all a big sham, and everything will fall into place. I trust in my species, I know what we are capable of.
Never forget, don’t let anybody shame you just because you give a shit about the way the world is. We are designed to keep each other in line, and follow the majority. that’s why the people are called “sheep”.
Keep your heads up, ignore the shills, and keep fighting.
Invisible Empire, produced by Jason Bermas

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