The Eternal Neocon Calls for Bombing Russian Infrastructure

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by Chris Black

John Bolton is a very principled man /s, and his actual strategy is to slowly make the war more acceptable in the minds of the public by pushing the Overton Window, and creating new forms of acceptable speech.


Russian intimidation has prevented NATO members from giving Ukraine the weapons it needs and allowing it attack any targets it wants – including key European infrastructure – US arch-hawk John Bolton has claimed. This must change, he has insisted, in an oped urging President Joe Biden to change his policies.

“[Russian President] Vladimir 

Putin has masterfully deterred NATO from responding robustly enough to end the conflict promptly and victoriously. Time to solve this problem is growing short,” Bolton wrote in an opinion piece published by the Wall Street Journal on Wednesday.

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The former national security adviser to President Donald Trump blamed Biden for failing to aim for “ambiguous goals” and claimed his “fear of Russian escalation” had led to a military gridlock in Ukraine. The current president “barely tried” to prevent the Russian military operation, Bolton argued, before criticizing the reported limitations imposed by Washington in terms of which targets Kiev can attack with the weapons it gets from the West.

“NATO pressures Ukraine not to strike inside Russia, and to spare key assets like Nord Stream, whereas the Kremlin can strike anywhere within Ukraine,” he wrote.


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