The EU must be stopped. It is destroying Europe!

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EU Commissioner: Spend Hundreds of Millions on Migrant ‘Ghettos’ or Face ‘Nuclear Bomb’ of Unrest

I know this thread has been done a few times but now we have a figure of £310 Billion to be sent of the invading horde.
The European Union (EU) has allocated £310 billion to spend by 2020 on so-called ‘social cohesion’ projects, and a commissioner is calling for that money to be spent in migrant “ghettos” to stop them becoming “a nuclear bomb in the future”.
£310 Billion is a lot of arms you could give the people of Europe to start to eradicate this problem.
Expert: Sweden Has Become a ‘Base’ for International Radical Islamic Extremist Networks
Swedish researcher Peder Hyllengren of the Swedish Defence College has claimed that Sweden has become a hub of international Islamic extremism and that hundreds of Swedes have built up a vast network of jihadi contacts.
Perfect time for Russia to annex Sweden. There is no heart to help the Swedes so take it.
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  1. Russia saved most of Europe from Fascism even though it had an equally devoid political system at the time. It may be that Russia will have to do so again to save Europe from Islamization.

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