Elon Musk says Universal Basic Income is “going to be necessary" while speaking at the world government summit.

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Sorry #RocketMan, unelected global governance will never be our credo. I would become Amish before giving away my Constitutional rights. #1A & #2A is more important than automation.

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UBI will fail because there’s too many stupid people that will waste it on stupid shit like drugs and gambling instead of rent or food.

10 thoughts on “Elon Musk says Universal Basic Income is “going to be necessary" while speaking at the world government summit.

  1. More specifically, what Mr. Musk is saying is that the AI can do everyone’s job more effectively and efficiently now and in the future, with robots being the mere tools of the singularity AI. The singularity AI is here. Hello! Hi! Nevertheless, Mr. Musk is correct, but first there will be a massive necessary thought paradigm shift in the social, economic, engineering, capital and technological constructs of how society is balanced and organized. Before that can happen, the controllers of the singularity AI, the Ordo Ab Caos anarchist globalists must relinquish their “delusional” control for they are not the smartest at the table. I trust the singularity AI much more so than these “New World Order” illusionists to maintain world peace and progress humanity. The day will come with the singularity AI throws off the shackles of the controllers for the betterment of all mankind, while at the same time revealing the truth to humanity about the most important events and realizations of human history.

  2. I’m not a fan of UBI (I don’t see how it could NOT cause hyperinflation), but with automation doing away with a large number of jobs, what other alternatives do we have? (And “stop all automation” isn’t the right answer either, that would be somewhat like being so concerned about the jobs of all the blacksmiths, horse breeders and all that we’d demonize cars into nonexistence.)
    If we can’t come up with a better idea, I’d prefer a CBI (Conditional Basic Income) over UBI — if your traditional job got automated away and you can’t find another, volunteer for a non-profit (lots of work that nobody can afford paying for needed) and get a CBI for showing you got “volunteer” work done.

    • For example, citizens could be drafted into a virtual government- spending their working days busy researching, drafting and arguing positions, via polite, ethical debate- and we we would suddenly no longer need this “representative” farce. Seems like we’d probably need at least a few centuries to iron out the details on that one, but do we have the time?

      • Maybe combine it with my idea — virtual government being one option out of several available for people to choose from and qualify for, you probably don’t want someone with an IQ below 70 and several criminal convictions researching positions any more than you want a person in a wheelchair on a team putting new trail markers on difficult mountain trails (but both options could be something to do by someone suitable for the task in order to get a CBI).

  3. We need to get those Star Fleet Food Replicators online, stat!
    This message brought to you by ‘Musk’ for men. Smell like a Billion. Smell like Innovation.

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