The Evergrande Situation really is Holy Moly – This is 20 times bigger than Archegos at the current levels – and looking to get much worse….

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by Milkdud2000

Evergrande total debt is $300bn – thats what they issued –

Remember – Evergrande went to Chinese banks, issued bonds, then used proceeds to build a city, do this for 5 years – The cities were empty “Ghost Cities” and now someone has to pay – (FYI Evergrande had some big tourist spots that died During the shut downs and this Ironically screwed them)

Over the last 5 years these bonds were sucked up by institutions around the world – (I don’t have the time right now, but UBS, GS, you name it, a lot of these guys are in there)

Today the bonds trade around 30 cents on the dollar – F#k me… So the $300bn is really worth less than $100bn – thats right – If Evergrande bonds are trading at 30 cents on the dollar then $200bn has been wiped off the bond mkt value –

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You guys thought Archegos was big? Archegos was $5-20bn and Evergrand bond’s are down $200 bn currently – this is bigger than big, put ur neck brace on –


Any Ape with blomberg access go to the bond and get holdings “HLDS” – lets dig deeper and see who owns these sucker lmayo

moon soon –

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