The EVERYTHING Bubble Explained! – Why You Should Prepare (with Daniel Ameduri)

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Josh Sigurdson talks with Daniel Ameduri of Future Money Trends about the coming everything bubble as we see a massive pension shortfall, banks falling, housing bubbles, derivatives bubbles, student loan bubbles, currency swapping, etc.
Daniel notes that he doesn’t think people will be uniformly switching from the US dollar any time soon, but that eventually it is incredibly unsustainable and has to come down. He mentioned the pension bubble as one of the most dangerous, prominent bubbles, more so than the housing bubble which he notes he’s most bearish on in the short term as far as big cities go. But, according to Daniel, housing won’t bring down the system, the pensions will. The banks will. This will all inevitably happen one way or another, we just cannot put a date on it.
Daniel also talks about not listening to his own advice during 2007-2008 when he predicted the crash yet attempted to make quick money flipping houses. When the bubble burst, he ended up in a bankruptcy office. However, he came back strong, motivated to succeed and he did. His story is very inspiring.

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