The Evidence AGAINST Mask Mandates & Lockdowns

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Autumn Peak of Daily CV19 Cases/100k

IA: Nov 14
IL: Nov 16
WI: Nov 18
MO: Nov 18
IN: Nov 20
MN: Nov 20
MI: Nov 21

Even with different restrictions enacted at different times, ALL 7 states above peaked in the same exact week.

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So what does this show? It clearly shows that cov2 seasonality trumps masks + closures + curfews + distancing. Translation: Government restrictions are useless for stopping the virus just as much as they are destructive. Mother nature will do what mother nature does, no different than every flu season. Spread and share the facts far and wide.

More evidence and data to follow. No one is giving you back your freedom. You must reclaim it.



h/t Dr Henry Walton


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