The exact moment that the House Committee learned there is an active ongoing criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

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by mikeleoncraft

The look on Mark Meadows face says it all. He seems a little worried and red eyed over the realization that there has been a closely held, well hidden from prying eyes. Ongoing criminal investigation into the Clinton Foundation.

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Arkansas Grand Jury Convened To Indict Bill and Hillary Clinton

A grand jury in Arkansas has been convened to indict Bill and Hillary Clinton, as well as Clinton Foundation employees, for crimes connected to the “pay-for-play scheme,” according to reports.

Corey Hiland, a US attorney picked by Trump in 2017, now has a grand jury in place in Little Rock, Arkansas, and has been working for months, according to the Washington Post.

The first indictment tied to the Clinton Foundation has already been issued. Though don’t expect mainstream media to cover this in any detail. They have already attempted to brush it under the carpet using deflection and misdirection to confuse their readers.

The former president of a Maryland transportation company that moved to nuclear materials across the United States has been indicted, accused of bribing an official at Russia’s State Atomic Energy Corp. The charges were unsealed Friday by the Department of Justice.

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