The fact that they’re losing their minds over this rally tells you that they know how effective Trump rallies are.

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WHICH PROVES IT’S GASLIGHTINNG ALL THE WAY DOWN:  Media Raises Hysteria Over Trump Tulsa Rally After Celebrating Mass Protests.

The mainstream media suddenly cares about social distancing again.

On Saturday, President Donald Trump announced plans to hold his first major campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma since the start of the novel Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. The event was originally planned for June 19 but was rescheduled to June 20 as not to conflict with the holiday on “Juneteenth.”

As Tulsa prepares for the rally, the Trump campaign announced it had received more than 1 million requests for tickets in an early sign that a silent majority backing the president surely exists, even as his poll numbers decline under nationwide social unrest.

The media however, is spiking fears that the large gathering will be a deadly “super-spreader” for COVID-19 even after celebrating the mass protests that took over the nation’s cities and even drew participation from woke politicians.



YES, THAT WOULD BE HILARIOUS: Trump Should Call Rallies “PROTESTS” To Show COVID-Shaming Hypocrisy.

BLM Already Outside of the Trump Rally

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