The FALL Of The “Greatest” Economy – Why The Economy Can’t Be Saved

In this show Wam contributor, author and economic analyst John Sneisen is joined by fellow Wam contributor, CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER(TM) Tim Picciott to discuss the idea of a 50 and 100 year US Treasury bond.

These trial balloons have been floated around by Mnuchin and Trump since December 2016 and is now the time?

Given the crash in bond yields, now would be the time to lock in low rates. However what type of premium would be required for investors to lock their funds up for such a long time and is that rate something the US goverment can afford?

We answer these questions and many more during this report.

This show was streamed lived simultaneously to / WAM’s youtube page / Dlive / Twitch / Facebook. For a complete list of places where you can catch Tim Picciott live or subscribe to his content.

The stream lasted much longer than the content you see here and viewers got to have their questions answered by Tim , John and even Josh who watching whilst in Europe.

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