The FALL Of The UK Economy! – British Pound Enters BEAR MARKET As Currency CRASHES

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Josh Sigurdson talks with author and economic analyst John Sneisen about the fall of the UK economy as the British Pound sees 2 year lows that if not for what we saw in early 2017, would be closer to 34 year lows. As the Bank of England desperately attempts to prop itself up as Brexit among countless other reasons play into the new bear market, the bank intends to lower interest rates. The problem is, they are already at a mere 0.6% rate! They will likely be going negative as Australia heads in the same direction and the Federal Reserve talks about lowering interest rates as well. Meanwhile, the European Union ECB interest rates are even lower… AT 0%! They’ve attempted to prop up this old guard system far too long. It’s been propped up on debt, derivatives and faith. It had to go down eventually. Everything appears to be in a slow spiral downwards on a global basis and individuals need to understand that all fiat currency eventually fails. It always has, it always will. They need to be financially responsible and understand money to be able to control their own money.



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