The FBI Claims to Have Thwarted Neo-Nazi Mass-Rape Conspiracy (seriously)

by Chris Black

People like to make fun of the FBI these days, but they just thwarted a terror plot by a militant neo-Nazi organization called “RAPE KRIEG” to rape thousands of white women to “produce more white children”!

Hmm…that’s weird. I just read the criminal complaint and what they accuse him of is asking an undercover cop to purchase a gun for him while he was stationed on his military base.

Under federal law, if you exchange money with someone the gun they purchase for you is no longer considered a gift, even if you can legally own it, and is technically a felony straw purchase. All they could arrest him for is one count of procedural bullshit.

Foiling a terror conspiracy to rape and kill people, but no conspiracy to violence charges?

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That’s because everyone in the “RAPE KRIEG” chat room except for this guy was an FBI agent or informant.

Here is a likely serial rapist (4 attacks of this type in a couple weeks) targeting white and Asian women.

Is he a member of RAPE KRIEG? No?

The FBI has the resources and technology to find these black savages before they kill or rape again. Yet they won’t because, like all J-leftists, they deep down get off to the thought of ordinary whites being killed and maimed.


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