The FBI Is Almost Exclusively an Anti-White Institution

by Chris Black

This year, the FBI’s “domestic terror” wing has allocated $101.2 million for “domestic terror,” most of it earmarked for investigating “White Supremacists” and “Militia Extremists.”

At the same time, the 2022 budget overview of the FBI’s plan for countering minority gun crime prioritizes “promoting criminal and juvenile system reform” that emphasizes “alternatives to incarceration” and “addressing hate crimes.”

In other words, the Feds will do nothing to address black mass shootings, and instead go on a snipe hunt for “white supremacists”––which we all know is code for anyone who doesn’t think too much of the Leftist Deep State and its infernal MSM Information Ministry.

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So bad policy and bad ideology, backed by bogus data, will ensure the problem gets worse.

Naturally, figuring out novel ways to vilify conservative whites—now routinely identified as “Alt-Right”— plays well with well-funded activists and elites in the Acela corridor.

But by chasing down mostly imaginary “White Supremacists” and concocting crazy kidnapping hoaxes, the FBI is making the country a lot less safe.


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