The FBI Is Institutionalized White Hatred Funded by Taxpayers Money

by Chris Black

The FBI assistant special agent in charge in Washington DC, Timothy Thibault, has extensive social media writings raging against white people, Southerners, Catholics, etc.

Conservatives are wrong when they say this sentiment at the FBI is limited to high up political appointees.


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Thibault is representative of how the typical FBI agent feels about at least half of America.

At this point even cucks are at the mercy of MSNBC and Twitter (where FBI agents get cues on who to investigate). This isn’t the SPLC or ACLU, Republicans in congress have the power to defund the FBI.

Thibault was, by the way, one of the lead agents in the Atomwaffen Division case, where the FBI paid the leader of a satanic pedophile cult to groom and drug teenage boys in order to manufacture a “white supremacist terror” plot.


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