Why is the Left Pro War?

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by Chris Black

Most Democrats and leftists agree with American militarism, as it is the only way to export unpopular ideas like gender fluidity or turning the whole West brown.

What they hate is the white race outside of the narrow scope of white men fighting wars for ZOG.

With the exception of the post-Vietnam era (1970s-2000s), Democrats have always been the pro-war party, while conservatives typically were more interested in non-intervention.

Today, that dynamic is sort of back, though most of the institutional GOP is also pro-war.

Rep. Ro Khanna, a DSA supported congressman, is attacking the minority of leftists criticizing his vote to waste over $40 billion dollars of tax payer money to the Ukraine.

In typical J-left fashion, he never makes a coherent argument for why he supports this.

He just scolds and name calls.

Khanna ought to come out and say it.

The US government is the new Soviet Union — a global exporter of instability and abnormality. It makes perfect sense for members of the DSA to back NATO and the EU since they share most of the same values.

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