The FBI Just Blew The Hillary Clinton Case Wide Open She Could Literally Be Going to Jail

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The FBI just blew the Hillary Clinton case wide open she could literally be going to jail. FBI just dropped could put her in the category of bonafide traitor. FBI uncovered Russian bribery plot before Obama administration approved controversial n-u-c-l-e-a-r deal with Moscow.
Senate Judiciary opens probe into Obama-era Russian uranium bribery…
PAPER: Stunning cover-up

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9 thoughts on “The FBI Just Blew The Hillary Clinton Case Wide Open She Could Literally Be Going to Jail

  1. meh….banksters will only let the sheeple go after hillary if they have a purpose…so she is probably safe…although still wondering what harvey weinstein did to lose bankster protection or what they are hoping to gain by not protecting him anymore….
    his expose of pharma industrial complex with film Vaxxed is the only thing i can think of that pissed them off

    • That said, Weinstein is still walking around free, so they may eventually give him a pass as well. Your theory about ‘Vaxxed’ is a strong possibility– it was incredible how a number of directors threatened to pull their own movies from the film festival if Vaxxed was allowed to screen. Big Pharma is a powerful syndicate, and it’s not just about making money off flu and polio jabs. Reminds me of the old quote, “Behind every fortune there lies a crime.”

    • The State has changed a tad in the past 10 months. If they are smart they will pursue this opportunity to put away several swamp critters on treason charges.

    • Four months since the Grenfell Tower disaster and still no accounting of the true number of casualties by the UK government. You Limeys don’t know the meaning of the word justice. Cheers!

  2. Hillary has little to worry about. Her personal crime syndicate has too many connections with other powerful scumbags- take down one and they would all fall like dominoes. The .0001% will not allow that. Look for them to dig up some low level patsy to take the fall, or simply let the microwave news cycle move on to the Next Big Shocking Story.

  3. well,we all stopped holding our collective breaths on that over 10 months ago. wake up when they actually put her sick old wrinkled ass in chains

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