The FBI just released a Fusion GPS document dump. Included in the dump was a subpoena from Special Council Bob “Not Muh Purview” Mueller. Mueller testified under oath to not know what Fusion GPS is. Mueller committed perjury.

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Jim Jordan! We need someone in the House to file a complaint with the DOJ to get an investigation under standard DOJ policy!


“I- I- I- I’m not familiar with that.”

“That’s outside my purview.”

The subpoena he filed disagrees with him.

Spez: I just looked into the process of a perjury investigation. The next step is someone from the House needs to file a complaint with Barr to make him open up an investigation. The DOJ’s standard process won’t open one unless a complaint is filed from the source of the alleged perjury. The only way something happens is if we make someone in the House file the complaint.

Get this to Jim Jordan, and contact your representatives! Seriously. It actually matters. This is the only way we get justice.


YOU KNOW, IT’S REALLY GOING TO BE HARD TO TRUST THE FBI IN THE FUTURE: New Details About Meeting FBI Source Suggest Carter Page Was Set Up.


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