The FBI knew all about the NYC subway shooter.

  • Frank James, 62, has been named as the suspect in Tuesday’s shooting in Brooklyn, New York 
  • James remains at-large despite a multi-state hunt for him that also involves the FBI 
  • He was known to the bureau and was on a terrorist watchlist after an incident in New Mexico in 2019 
  • For weeks before yesterday’s shooting, he posted ominous videos on YouTube about race and shootings
  • On March 20, he announced he was leaving Wisconsin and ‘will never be back again alive’ 
  • In a video two days before the shooting, he ranted about how black people were forced into crime
  • Speaking about gangs, he said: ‘This is what white b*****s and white m*********ers’ expect you to be… when you blow one of their f*****g brains out – this is what you asked for’ 
  • James pulled out a gas mask on the northbound N train in Brooklyn yesterday then released a smoke bomb
  • He then opened fire with a handgun, shooting ten people, before somehow managing to flee
  • The surveillance cameras inside the station were not working which has hampered efforts to find him 
  • The shooting has epitomized the danger of New York City’s subways, where crime is up by 60 percent

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