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by Pamela Williams

Of course, I have previously said I blame James Comey for the destruction of the highest law agency in the land, the FBI.  This still applies, and I will always see this as James Comey’s legacy.  It is all he deserves!  Here we are seeing another bizarre action of the FBI in covering up the GOP Baseball Shooting.  What is their motive in doing this?
When James Hodgkinson walked onto the baseball field and fired on those practicing a beloved American game, he committed the most serious political assassination in decades.  The Capitol Police were there at the scene, and they acted in saving lives. If they had not, it would have been a massacre.
There was little for the FBI to do here.  The motives of the shooter are pretty clear, and he had a list of  names of his targets.  He ranted and raved about Republicans on social media, and he asked before the shooting were the players Republicans or Democrats.  Looks like pretty cut and dried to me.  Yet, the FBI is actually treating Hodgkinson as if he were a Muslim terrorist.  They are actually appearing to launch a cover-up of his motives.
Here is a shocker for you:  There appears to be an odd denial of Rep. DeSantis’ account of the shooter asking if the players were Republican or Democrat. Why would the FBI DO THIS?  The following is what Rep. DeSantis said:
A GOP lawmaker said Wednesday that the alleged gunman in a shooting at a congressional baseball practice that wounded five asked whether “Republicans or Democrats” were on the field shortly before the attack in Virginia.
Rep. Ron DeSantis, R-Fla., told CNBC that a man came up to him and Rep. Jeff Duncan, R-S.C., at the practice and asked if the players on the field were Republicans or Democrats.
“We both agreed that that individual who came up to us and asked if it was Republicans or Democrats … is the same individual police have identified,” DeSantis said. “That picture is the same guy that we saw.”

The FBI said the shooter acted alone and had no connections to terror groups. But they said they had not yet clarified who, if anyone, he planned to target, or why, beyond his animus toward President Donald Trump and the Republicans he felt were ruining the country. It wasn’t even clear whether he had prior plans to attack the baseball practice or whether he just happened upon it the morning of June 14, said Tim Slater, who leads the criminal division of the FBI’s Washington field office.
“At this point in the investigation, it appears more spontaneous,” Slater said.  
Hodgkinson had a piece of paper with the names of six members of Congress written on it, Slater said, but the note lacked any further context and there was no evidence from his computer, phone or other belongings that indicated he planned to target those officials. Slater declined to name the officials whose names were on the note or say whether they were Republicans or Democrats or were at the baseball practice.
Scalise, 51, “continues to make good progress,” according to a statement issued Wednesday by MedStar Washington Hospital Center, “and is beginning an extended period of healing and rehabilitation.” House Speaker Paul Ryan said that Scalise “is on the road to recovery.”
So they seem to be making light of the fact this shooter was in all honesty targeting Republicans.  It was close to a Republican massacre, and we all know it.
They further said:  In April, Hogkinson made the tourist rounds in Washington, visiting monuments, museums, the U.S. Capitol and the Dirksen Senate Office Building and taking pictures, the FBI said. He also took pictures of the baseball field where he would later fire more than 60 shots.
“The FBI does not believe that these photographs represented surveillance of intended targets,” the FBI said in a statement.
Hodgkinson also visited the office of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, whose campaign he had worked on as a volunteer, and was in email contact with the two Democratic senators from his home state.
The FBI statement and Slater’s comments painted a picture of a down-on-his-luck man with few future prospects. Hodgkinson was taking prescription drugs, although Slater did not say what the drugs were for or whether he was abusing them.
“He was running out of money. He was not employed at the time of the event, and he was looking for some local employment. He was married for 30 years, and it appears that that marriage was not going so well,” Slater said. “It was just a pattern of life where you could tell things were not going well.”
OK, why would the FBI be in denial?  Or are they trying to cover-up the true depth of the shooter’s hate of Republicans?
So the working theory here is that Hodgkinson just stocked up on firepower, for no apparent reason, took photos of the baseball field because it was so picturesque, had a list of members of Congress for no apparent reason, and then randomly and spontaneously opened fire while he happened to be carrying a rifle and touring local baseball fields?
That hit list? It’s just a piece of paper.  Really, Mr Slater?
It just happened to be a piece of paper in his weapons locker.
Authorities found the list in a storage locker Hodgkinson had rented in Alexandria, Virgina, since April. Inside, they also found 200 rounds of ammunition, a laptop, a receipt from a gun purchase in November 2016 and SKS rifle components
Just a piece of paper.
That morning, Hodgkinson used Google Maps to search for a route from Alexandria to his home in Belleville. He also ran a Google search for the “2017 Republican Convention,”
Of course, that is not significant either, Agent Slater?
The following is from the
What the FBI is claiming is mind-boggling when they claim the shooter had no target in mind.  Consider the number of accidents of circumstance you would have to believe were going on here to not have the shooter doing what seems obvious from every piece of evidence we have:  researching and planning for an attack on Republicans of some kind, particularly looking for an opportunity when security will be low and vulnerability will be high.  This was an attack not an “anger management” problem.
Step back, though, and think on the institutional conclusions here.  Considering how ludicrous the FBI’s conclusions are as it relates to an attack on the third ranking member of the House of Representatives, you might consider whether to trust the FBI’s conclusions in other areas, as well.  And this is how our faith in institutions is degraded; steadily, gradually, with incident after incident where men in suits stand in front of microphones and make claims we know are not the whole truth.
So it seems we have entered another twilight zone created by the FBI. The fake news media is doing all it can to hide the truth about this psychopath. But the American people are finding out the truth. Hodgkinson was anything but a “spontaneous” madman. This was a meticulously organized hit attempt.
They don’t want you to know how much of a bad guy James Hodgkinson was. Because this incident makes the Left look so bad, the FBI trying to protect them. But the fact is, they all secretly want the killing of Republicans. Their goal is to inspire more of these shootings.
That’s why we’re seeing so many Democrats and their operatives fanning the flames of partisanship, accusing Trump and his supporters of being “fascists.” They’re trying to radicalize as many unstable individuals as possible.
Conservatives are the only ones left with a soul.  The Liberals live to intimidate conservatives without  any worry about legal ramifications.  Now we know they are even able to control the supposed highest law agency in the land.  We knew when James Comey let Hillary Clinton walk free he was in the pocket of Clinton and the Liberals.  But it is just getting worse and more shocking with this “close to a massacre” of Republicans at an American ball field.  
It is yet again another battle between Satan’s forces and God’s forces.  Surely I do not have to tell you who is on which side.  More and more with each passing day, we are observing the ongoing battle between good and evil.  Many are too deceived to see this truth, but I will continue to discuss these battles in my reports.  Because these are spiritual battles…not just physical battles…it is difficult for nonbelievers to see this.  But God is showing those of us, who have prepared for this day, exactly what is manifesting before our eyes.  It cannot be denied by those of us who are aware.  
Now we know beyond a shadow of a doubt, the FBI cannot be redeemed.  They have sold out to the Liberals, who have sold out to Satanic forces.  I believe there are honestly some Far Left supporters, who simply have not awakened to the truth.  I pray they are getting ready to cross over the barrier to God, but time is not in their favor.

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29 thoughts on “THE FBI’S BIZARRE COVER-UP OF THE GOP BASEBALL SHOOTING – What Is Their Motive? Who Do They Work For?

  1. Pamela did a fine job here with this article.
    The shooter was a low-life SEIU thug, working for the DNC and its deep state, and infiltrated the Bernie camp, which was his ‘job’. So they intimidated a bunch of republicans while smearing the Bernie people.
    It is exactly what it obviously appears to be… just another intimidation and potential murder by these people against anyone who is sincere in government to end the corruption of the DNC and the deep state affiliates, including the FBI and anyone trying to end the rampant pedophelia, election fraud and hacking, and the general crime syndicate that has taken over our country.
    Three lawmakers down here near Wassermanland… Seth Rich, Judge Scalia, Scalise, and almost a hundred others, recently.
    We must have convictions or it will never stop.

      • Your work as of late has been excellent and spot on.
        The FBI has become another tool of the left to destroy conservative America and anything that deflects from that goal is not going to be followed by any investigation. Seth Rich, the Awan Brothers, Hillary Emails, Pedophilia, IRS, Benghazi, Clinton Arkancide, Clinton Foundation, etc. We both know the list is quite long of improprieties that are ignored when it comes to criminal activity of the left. You have to be naive at this point to think the FBI and other intelligence agencies are not compromised.

        • Thank you, Liberty. I have found out something else that I am not free to report on right now, but it is a huge scandal by Obama that I hope I can report on later. Right now, I cannot do it, for it involves information which has not received much publicity. However, it is a huge betrayal by Obama to Americans that I am following. I need to do more research and more thinking before I write. But, yes, we have been penetrated, and if the Deep State succeeds in impeaching Trump, I can honestly say there is no hope for this Country.

          • I believe the Deep State will try to impeach Trump and I believe they will come up short. What we will have to watch is how the 2018 elections go as that will be the key for a successful or unsuccessful impeachment vote by the left against Trump. In the likelihood of a failed impeachment process I think the Deep State moves on to an assassination attempt as their next alternative. Most people that I know are acutely aware of this kind of timeline if you will. Even Trump I am led to believe is all but accepting of the fact that his life is in deep danger and God bless him he is not backing down. If this does play out the whole corrupt left and Deep State will be exposed and battle lines will be clearly drawn by Americans. It’s going to divide families like nothing our country has ever seen in generations and maybe it has to in order to save the country. I believe Americans are becoming more and more awake to the corruption of the entire system in Washington so there is hope this doesn’t end in war. Granted many are still in the fog of the mainstream media but they are failing all over the place we can only hope more people are awakened by work such as yours.

          • You don’t think trump is part of the deep state? After a lifetime in Jew York City in the Jewnited states of murica? Get a clue, it’s a jew packing donnie’s fudge.

          • Keep your cheeks together and you won’t get “penetrated.” If trump is your hope for the country I feel sorry for you.

        • Tool of the left? Are you kidding me? There is no fucking left you right wing asshole but you want to blame your mistakes on a fictitious power center that died in 1963?

    • They are cheap thugs with limited imagination and a few techniques they use over and over and over and over and…

  2. Pardon me for harping on a crucial fact that others thought of first: At the 50 yard range that the shooter had, even a person who was a bad shot could have killed anyone there. Therefore you must conclude that he was there for the specific purpose of injuring Steve Sinese. And what is Sinese especially known for? Opposing human trafficking and child prostitution (or as the story goes, c.p and subsequent child murder). Ok I confess, I believe in the Pizzagate allegations, that as 2 police experts said, John Podesta and Tony Podesta strongly appear to have been involved in c.p.

  3. Come on Pam, you’re a smart woman – what a ridiculous statement you’ve made that Comey has caused the destruction of the F.I.B. They have been openly fucked/corrupt for a very long time, going back as far as the Kennedy Hit, Alfred P Murrah Building (FIB goons wrapping plastic sheeting around the columns that had UNEXPLODED devices still attached) TWA800 investigation led by SAC James Kalstrom with agents threatening/changing witness statements, that there was no missile. No Pam, the F.I.B. have been nothing more that the US state Secret Police, probably since their inception. No doubt not all of them are rotten, but those ones never rise up the ladder to positions of power & disillusioned, usually retire.
    Keep up this line of thought & people will start questioning if you are part of the controlled opposition

    • You know I am not on their side if you follow my work….be honest here. I hate James Comey, and I am saying that under his leadership if there was anything good about the FBI, IT IS NO MORE. Help me research this shooting instead of tearing me down.

      • ” . . . . . Of course, I have previously said I blame James Comey for the destruction of the highest law agency in the land, the FBI. This still applies, and I will always see this as James Comey’s legacy. . . . .” Casara – I assume you are Pam Williams ???? I have just put the quote up that I was having a go at . The rest of the article is good & I don’t know why the F.I.B. are trying to white wash this guy. It was obviously pre planned & Steve Scalise the principle target. I heard an interview. (with Rand Paul ??) who said that there were at least a half dozen congresscritters way closer to the shooter than Scalise so Scalise was the main target . . .perhaps the only target.
        Probably went too far with my controlled opposition statement – I apologise for that. but I stand by what I said about Comey not causing the F.I.B.s demise. . . that ship sailed long ago & Comey just kept it on course.

    • Well said and true. The FBI and the CIA participated in the murder and coverup at Dealey Plaza and don’t know how to get out of it. Take all their pensions and have them plant trees for five years.

  4. Those on his list had one thing in common besides being Republican, They were mounting a fight in congress against pedophiles in high office.

  5. You want to be sure that you shoot the right people. My father told me to shoot first and ask questions later. I wanted to ask him what that meant but I had to shoot him first.

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