The Fear Stricken Are Panic Buying Toilet Paper Once Again

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by Mac Slavo of SHTFplan

If history can teach us anything, it’s that humans don’t learn from history. In the spring of 2020, hoards of unprepared sheep stampeded into grocery stores and department stores to buy every last roll of toilet paper off the shelves.  And it’s happening again.

According to several mainstream media sites, the panicked masses, who cannot bother to turn their TV off for 5 minutes, have once again decided to wipe the shelves of paper products, especially products made to wipe their backsides. The mainstream media is, of course, to blame for this as they peddle fear day in and day out.

Many Americans have used up their stockpiles and some have begun buying again in bulk, The Wall Street Journal reports. They obviously didn’t learn that they shouldn’t “use up their stockpiles” if they want to be prepared for another round of panic buying.

Manufacturers of toilet tissue say they are responding to the latest increase in demand. Kimberly-Clark, which makes Cottonelle and Scott toilet tissue, and Kleenex, “is monitoring the situation closely, and working hard to produce more toilet paper and other essential paper products to best meet consumer needs,” the company said in a statement to USA TODAY.“We remain vigilant with consumer demand and will continue to produce and ship as much product out to retailers as possible.” –USA Today

People are likely anticipating another lockdown.

If you are low or short on toilet paper, get some now. Instead of healthy foods and clean water, the masses seem to think paper products will get them through another lockdown because of something that is making people “sick.” There is little logic left in this world and people seem too addicted to their television to look around at the real world and notice nothing has been out of the ordinary other than the fear-mongering of the ruling class and its puppets in the mainstream media.

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