The FED has officially wasted their ultimate

by Vi0lentByt3

Barely a week into the unofficial self quarantine and papa J has already wasted one of the FEDs most powerful tools, literally just buying every fucking bond they can. It was said here before, the Federal gov is throwing money at a problem that doesnt accept cash. There is no way to prop up an economy when there is no demand or supply for entire sectors. We are talking numbers larger than the great depression.

While we are one step away from the government just straight up buying stock, be thankful that the reats over at the central bank for the US have all decided to give this community another entry point for poots.

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Wait until the volatility settles, then its time to start buying puts again, no amount of corporate debt( even at 0 interest owed to the fed, STILL NEEDS TO BE PAID BACK) can ever be enough when their is just no fucking cash flow.

Enter your puts if vix falls below 50 before next monday otherwise pick up some june spy puts on march 30th, Q2 earnings will be the next battle field and the fed has already wasted their ultimate.

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Short of just manipulating the stock market directly of course, but if that happens then really wtf is the point of trading anymore?


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