The Fed Is About To Unleash the Biggest LIQUIDITY FLOOD In History!

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Do you think that the Fed is planning on cutting rates in order to pick up inflation? Or is this because of the yield curve, a weakening economy, or other factors?

There have been non-stop aggressive calls for the Fed to decrease interest rates. Considering we’re being told that the economy is doing well and that stocks are at all-time highs, I’m not sure where the basis for rate cuts is coming from. If this is simply to increase the speed at which stocks rise, be careful what you wish for. The biggest bubble in history is about to be expanded even further and unequivocally, the bigger it gets, the worse the damage will be, in part due to the mad scientist created derivatives. Make sure you bring your raincoat, the flood is on its way.


Effective Federal Funds Rate | FRED | St. Louis Fed

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