The Fed is ALREADY a Top 5 Owner of the Biggest Corporate Bond ETF’s! Watch THIS To See Full List

In just a matter of weeks, the Fed has already become one of the top holders of corporate bond ETF’s. This ranges from investment grade, to garbage…uh I mean junk debt. There has been no stopping their actions, and in fact, their most recent meeting minutes suggest that they will be buying for years to come. Just imagine a world in which the Fed owns basically everything. A world in which a secretive institution, with unelected technocrats decide the value of your currency and will do anything to consume it all. Sounds like fun!


US-Fed-Balance-sheet-2020-06-18-SPVs.png (481×447)

00-Fed-2.png (1380×1048)

FRB: H.4.1 Release–Factors Affecting Reserve Balances– June 25, 2020

Repo and Reverse Repo Operations – Federal Reserve Bank of New York

BOJ owns 80% of ETFs_0.jpg (1158×817)

Fed IP1.jpg (709×371)

Fed LQD.jpg (940×692)

VCSH ETF.jpg (937×690)

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HYG Fed ETF.jpg (938×686)

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bfm5661.jpg (875×501)

Kudos To The Fed For Saving The World, For Now

bfmFE1.jpg (937×498)

bfm5117.jpg (937×499)


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