The Fed Isn’t So DOVISH After All. Is THIS What They’re Worried About?

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The Fed is going to do what they’ve always done. Maintain a position like they’re fully aware of what’s happening. The economy starts to sink and they begin to react…slowly. Then they finally engage in some sort of rescue. With the permission of the people, they print money out of thin air and buy assets. Most people didn’t even seem to care that they were audited (Limited) and found $16 trillion handed out. Nothing even happened after that. Not even a discussion. We have allowed central banks to do whatever they want and they will ensure their plans continue through every cycle.

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The Fed meeting minutes reveals that they are really uncertain about the near future. Of course they didn’t say they’re ignorant to the financial markets and need some more time to figure it out. They simply stated there’s much risk in the global economy and they are worried about the impact on the US. Rate hikes are NOT ruled out based on their statements. The markets didn’t seem to like this meeting as much as they hoped. I guess 10 years of easy money wasn’t enough.

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The Fed just released minutes from its market-moving meeting

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Minutes of the Federal Open Market Committee, January 29-30, 2019

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The Fed – Meeting calendars and information

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