The Fed printed 30% of all dollars last year – Don’t let them blame “price gouging” and don’t allow them to destroy the market even more with price ceilings. The Fed and deficit spending are to blame.

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CBO: ‘Biden BBB Bill adds $3 trillion to deficit’

President Joe Biden’s sweeping spending bill, the Build Back Better Act, would add $3 trillion to deficits over 10 years if made permanent, according to a new Congressional Budget Office cost analysis.

Republicans requested the CBO analyze Biden’s bill based on its policies being made permanent by Congress over 10 years, as opposed to the shorter timelines in the Treasury Department’s cost analysis of the bill.

Biden bill could double child care costs

Families could pay up to $27,000 more for child care each year under Biden’s spending bill

NYT columnist: ‘Inflation affects low-income families?’

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Insulin Prices Could Be In For A Pretty Big Change If Democrats Get Their Way

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