The Fentanyl Cover Up in the Skripal Poisoning Case

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The UK government are definitely conducting a cover up of the actual events around the alleged poisonings of Sergei and Yulia Skripal.

I say “alleged” because there is no actual hard evidence, that we would expect to see, if the Skripal’s had actually been poisoned.

There are no pictures on the net of the Skripals collapsed on the park bench. We would expect members of the public to take pictures of such an unusual scene. Salisbury is an affluent mostly middle class town and its Town Centre is definitely not a “Drugs Ghetto” where you see people collapsed in the street all the time.

There are not even any to camera interviews of any members of the public, who the government claim cared for the Skripal’s for 15 or 20 minutes before the Paramedics and Ambulance arrived.

There is only one written report in the State Propaganda Organ Fake News BBC of an alleged anonymous doctor, who allegedly claimed to have treated Yulia Skripal and put her in the recovery position at the park bench. The evidentiary value of this BBC report is zero. The BBC lie for the government ALL of the time.

Nor are there any to camera interviews of other witnesses of the scene at and around the park bench where the Skripals are alleged to have collapsed (there would presumably have been at least dozens of such witnesses over 20 or more minutes in a busy Town Centre at 4pm on a pleasant Sunday afternoon).

Nor are there any pictures of the Skripals unconscious in the Intensive Care Unit at Salisbury Hospital. Nor any pictures of either of the Skripal’s when they regained consciousness.
The propaganda value of having such pictures published in the mass media, to whip up anti Russia hysteria would have been absolutely HUGE. So why didn’t the government do this?

Skeptics will try to explain this away with patient confidentially or something, but this is nonsense. If the government wanted pictures to be published, they would have told MI5 to go get them published.
If the Hospital Managers objected to pictures being taken, MI5 would have taken them covertly by masquerading as a cleaner or nurse or something.

Nor are there any pictures of Yulia Skripal leaving the hospital. Why not?

It seems that Yulia Skripal is currently being held hostage and incommunicado at an unknown location by the UK government. She has not been allowed to give an interview to the media.
The only alleged statement was issued by the Police and contains worthless platitudes that she doesn’t want to speak to anyone, with words that are plainly not in the language of a non-native English speaker. it reads like a statement from a Whitehall bureaucrat and NOT Russian citizen Yulia Skripal.
Neither has she ever been seen or spoken to by the staff of the Russian Embassy since the alleged poisoning took place.

Neither has she spoken to her boyfriend/fiancee or her cousin Viktoria in Russia (apart from a snatched 2 minute conversation with Viktoria using a borrowed phone in the hospital).


If you had just had the most terrifying experience of your entire life, where someone had just tried to murder you with poison, and you had been in a coma for 2 weeks in Intensive Care and nearly died, wouldn’t you want to tell your closest friends and relations everything about what had just happened to you?

Personally I would have spent hours talking about it with everyone I knew, discussing what happened and speculating about who might have tried to murder me and my father.
How about you?

But it gets worse – the Fentanyl Cover Up.

New evidence has now come to light, that the doctors at Salisbury Hospital were treating the Skripals for Fentanyl poisoning for at least the first day.
Fentanyl is a powerful opioid, 10,000 times stronger than heroin.

This evidence was published on March 5th in the “Clinical Services Journal”.
I.E. the day after the Skripal’s were poisoned on March 4th.

Response unit called as Salisbury Hospital declares “major incident” 

This article was spread widely on twitter from late April 26th and on April 27th.
The above article was doctored sometime after 2pm on 27th April, to remove any reference to Fentanyl.
Who doctored the article?
Why was this done?
If the article was wrong when it was published on March 5th why wasn’t it corrected sooner?
Why was the article suddenly changed 7 weeks after the event, just when it was getting some traction on Twitter?

I took a screen shot of the article and tweeted it out around 2pm Friday 27th.
The reference to poisoning by Fentanyl was still contained in the article at this time. 

UK First Responders & Emergency Room Staff at Salisbury Hospital naturally assumed ‘s had been poisoned by Opioids, as this was the most obvious fit for their symptoms.

So how did the Skripal’s survive a deadly attack by “Military Grade” Novichok nerve agent?

Here is an archived version of the article, with the references to Fentanyl, taken on 26th April at 10pm.

If the Skripals were poisoned with Fentanyl, this would explain why they didn’t immediately die within 2 minutes (inhalation) or 20 minutes (skin absorption) from deadly “Military Grade” Novichok nerve agent smeared on Sergei Skripal’s front door handle.

It would also explain why none of the members of the public who cared for the Skripals on the park bench and none of the Paramedics in the ambulance crew got sick.

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Traces of Novichok could have been added to the blood samples taken from the Skripals and given to Porton Down for testing.
There are other possibilities, such as the Skripals first being poisoned with Fentanyl at the Park Bench and then being poisoned with a very tiny, less than lethal, dose of Novichok at the hospital sometime after the Skripals were admitted.

The above doesn’t explain what happened to Detective Sergeant Nick Bailey who the UK government also alleged was poisoned by Novichok.
Again no public statement or on camera interview with Nick Bailey has been published in the media.
The Chief Constable of Wiltshire Police issued a meaningless statement of Nick thanking the carers at Salisbury Hospital and saying he didn’t want to speak to anyone from the Press.
This statement was very obviously drafted by someone in MI5/Whitehall.

Fentanyl poisoning WOULD explain NHS Consultant for Emergency Care at Salisbury Hospital, Steven Davies, who said in a letter to the Times, that NO patients were treated for “nerve agent poisoning” at Salisbury Hospital.
Three people were treated for being poisoned by something else – these three people are presumably Sergei Skripal, Yulia Skripal and Nick Bailey.
N.B. Stephen Davies is a bona fide NHS Consultant at Salisbury Hospital – the Times interviewed him the day after his letter was published.

Above meme courtesy of John Delacour @JohnDelacour

Possible use of BZ Toxin in the Skripal Poisoning
This possibility needs further clarification. It is an evolving story.

It comes from a leaked report by the Swiss Lab, who were asked to test the Skripal blood samples by the OPCW.
The leaked report was given to Sergei Lavrov – Russian Foreign Minister, who then reported it to the media. Sergei Lavrov is noted for being very careful with his words and actions. I have yet to see him tell a lie so he is a very credible witness.

Lavrov is the EXACT OPPOSITE to Boris Johnson who is extremely ignorant about world affairs, constantly lies and recklessly shouts his mouth off all the time, making wild accusations without the slightest shred of evidence.

The report given to Lavrov has not been made public and remains “confidential”.

The OPCW have refused to publish the full contents of the report from the Swiss Lab and their carefully selected extract didn’t mention BZ toxin, nor did it make any reference to “Novichok” or “Russians” – hmmmm!

The OPCW have refused to publish the formula of the chemical compound the Swiss Lab identified as the poison. The chemical formula remains a secret. Why?
The chemical formulas of Novichok Nerve agents were published in a book 10 years ago, which is available on Amazon for about $20 – hmmmm again!

Independent OPCW Approved Swiss Lab Says ‘BZ Toxin’ Used In Skripal Poisoning; US/UK-Produced, Not Russian

The possibility remains that the whole Skripal poisoning was a hoax and nobody was actually poisoned.
Sergei Skripal might have been paid to stage the whole thing and then offered a portion of the money to his daughter.


We don’t know what happened in the Skripal poisonings (or at least I don’t) yet.
Was it a hoax?
If it was a real poisoning, what poisoned them, when was the poison administered, and exactly who administered the poison?
Nobody has identified any person or persons as the actual poisoner. No descriptions of any suspects has been issued by the Police and its been over 7 weeks since the alleged poisoning took place.

We know the UK government are massively lying about the Skripal poisonings and they have been massively lying about it since the very beginning.

There have been frequent changes to the official government narrative (the poison was in Yulia’s luggage, it was in Skripal’s BMW, in Skripal’s house, in a Buckwheat cereal packet, on his front door handle, and now the government claim the poison was administered in “a liquid form”.
Hmmm – makes your head spin, doesn’t it?

If they were poisoned at Skripal’s house with “Military Grade” Novichok nerve agent “the most deadly nerve agent known to man”, how the hell did they wander around Salisbury for 3 to 7 hours without feeling any ill effects, until both of them collapsed at exactly the same time at 4pm at the Park Bench?
Anyone who believes this ridiculous story needs to go take some classes in Critical Thinking.

The only reason to lie is that you have something to hide or are pushing an agenda not based on the facts.
The government lie because they think they can get away with it, because of the help they know they will receive from their sycophantic accomplices in the Mainstream Media.
We don’t have a “Free Press” we have a Goebbels “Ministry of Propaganda” or Orwell’s “Ministry of Truth”.

With the Skripal case they may have gone a step too far. The lies are so obvious it has woken up a lot more people who didn’t previously realize that the government and the media constantly lie to them about more or less everything, more or less all the time.
Often the government’s and media’s narrative is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the Truth.

And these lies are absolutely massive. They have already murdered 2 million people in the Middle East and now the Neocons want to heat up the Conflict with Russia, which could kill us all.

Suspects and Motives
Theresa May, the UK government and MI5/MI6 remain the primary suspects for this False Flag attack (real attack or hoax).
Theresa May had by far the greatest motive to carry out such an attack.
If the UK government were not the initiators of the attack they are covering up who was actually responsible, which makes them just as guilty.

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Second favorite suspect is the CIA,
There’s a few others

Debunking all the UK government’s official claims on the Skripal poisonings and a summary of suspects and motives.
Read both the comment and the full article.

Craig Murray: “Russian to Judgement”

My Summary of Suspects and Motives

Common sense, logic, the non-existent evidence supporting the government narrative, the numerous holes in the official story and the deliberate deception and lies perpetrated by the UK all point to Theresa May and MI5/MI6.
It is a very similar scenario to Tony Blair’s “sexed up” dossier on Saddam’s non existent WMDs to invade Iraq in 2003.

Both are an intelligence “scam” involving “chemical weapons” and pushed without question by the government’s propaganda sock puppets at the BBC and Corporate Media.

Motives for False Flag:-

Reverse Theresa May’s disastrous slide in the polls.

Ratchet up anti-Russia hysteria for the profits of the Military Industrial Complex – which has been the Neocon agenda for some years.

Create (or escalate) a Foreign enemy to deflect from disastrous policies at home (this one is as old as the hills).

An attempt to prevent BrExit.

Deflect from Theresa May’s disastrous Brexit negotiation shambles.

Divide the opposition Labour Party and get the Blairites attacking the Corbyn supporters. The BBC let slip that “senior government Ministers” thought this part of the plan was going better than expected.

Deflect from the massive Telford child sex abuse scandal that has been going on for decades without any action from the police.The Telford scandal which rivals Rotherham in scale and longevity has received very little Press coverage in the UK.

Possible cover up of MI6 involvement in the production of the fake and fabricated “Trump Dossier”. Skripal has links to Christopher Steele through his MI6 handler Pablo Miller. Pablo Miller works for Steele and lives in Salisbury.

NOBODY had more to gain from the Skripal poisonings than Theresa May and the current UK government.

While Russia had nothing to gain by killing a washed out spy they had exchanged in 2010 and lots to lose from said anti Russia hysteria. The Russians wouldn’t do anything that risked a Western boycott of this summer’s World Cup.

If the Russians wanted him dead they could have killed him 10 years ago while he was in jail, or waited until after the World Cup (but they don’t have a motive).

The timing of the attack is absolutely PERFECT for Theresa May with local UK elections coming up in May.

It doesn’t have to have been MI6. It could have been one of the UK’s Neocon allies such as the CIA with Theresa May conducting a cover up for the perpetrators.

The fraud being perpetrated by the UK government on the Skripal poisonings is VERY similarly to the fraud perpetrated by Tony Blair to go to War in Iraq in 2003.

If the UK had any evidence whatsoever of any Russian involvement in the Skripal poisoning they would have released at least something credible in a statement. But there’s been absolutely nothing except for blatant lies and innuendo. Why would the UK government feel the need to so obviously lie about how easy it is to make Novichok if they had some actual evidence as to who was responsible? It makes no sense.

The UK’s Ambassador to Moscow 6 page official presentation contained ZERO evidence of any Russian involvement. He flat out lied when he said the poison had to be made by Russia – Novichok can be made by anyone with a chemical weapons lab so that’s a couple of dozen countries at least.

It would be a dangerous undertaking but a private criminal gang could make a small quantity, enough for an assassination, in something like a drugs lab or they could have obtained a small quantity by illegal means by smuggling it from some lawless country – e.g. Ukraine.

The Primary suspects for the Skripal poisonings remain, in rough order of likelihood and how much they had to gain:-

Theresa May & MI5/MI6


Ukraine, Israel

Christopher Steele’s cronies in MI6 (rogue agents)

Hillary Clinton cronies in MI5 or MI6 (rogue agents)

A Russian criminal gang or Russian Oligarch who is anti Putin. (It would be very risky for them to do this as the chances are high that Russian intelligence would find out and retribution would be swift.)

Any of another dozen countries or rogue intel operatives who wanted to cause trouble for Russia and knew the warmongering UK government would cover up any evidence of their guilt.

Russia had lots to lose and nothing to gain by poisoning Skripal, especially just before the World Cup which they are still hoping will raise their international standing in the eyes of the world. They definitely wouldn’t want to risk a boycott by Western teams. There is a near negligible chance that the Russian government had anything to do with it. Also the UK government and MI5/MI6 do not suspect Russian government involvement, otherwise they would not have expelled people from the Russian Embassy who might have known something about it.


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