The FINAL Days Of YouTube – THIS Is Just The Beginning!

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Josh Sigurdson reports on the recent claims by Google CEO Sundar Pichai that YouTube will eliminate about 99% of what they consider “bad” in the near future. He claimed that he just cannot meet the demand of 100% of bad content being erased as if people are begging for YouTube to erase nearly everything they don’t like.
With that said, some people are begging for such muzzling of channels, but it’s a tiny minuscule percentage of the public. The vast majority of the public either find this recent demonetization and channel take down effort to be a virtual book burning OR they don’t know of it and don’t really notice the content that’s considered somehow “offensive.”
We are watching the final days of YouTube take place before our eyes. It’s no longer about money or they’d let us all freely monetize. Advertisers who we’ve spoke with who advertise on YouTube don’t care about advertising on content that may be considered controversial. In fact, much of the time when YouTube demonetizes a video, ads still play on them, but YouTube gets all the money.
But with the recent #VoxAdpocalypse it has gotten far worse and YouTube is actually losing money long term on this. A lot of money. That includes for their shareholders. But this is about power, not money after all. It’s about controlling a narrative and creating policy in government. It’s about the fall of the mainstream media and the rise of independent media on YouTube and the desperation to erase the move to more independent medias by forcing us to see only suggested mainstream stories. Same with the search results.
This artificial attempt to manipulate “truth” is only frustrating people more. It’s driving people against each other as is the script. But it won’t work long term. People naturally decentralize and in the age of the internet people question more. Now that this effort is being made by major social medias, people are getting even more curious.

We need you more than ever though. You are the key to the prolonging of independent media. You are the ones that can keep us up and running many years down the line. Even a dollar a month from each of you would forever change the momentum of independent media over the major networks trying to control the narratives.
You are the change you wish to see.



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