The Final Destruction of Western Europe, Brought to you by Frau Merkel

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by Chris Black

Germany’s perpetual chancellor, former East German communist apparatchik Angela Merkel, still stands firm in regard to her “open borders” policy. According to her spokesman on Friday, Merkel opposes Bavarian demands to close Germany’s borders, and turn the so-called refugees back, a move demanded by Merkel’s conservative allies. Why, you asked? Merkel claims that such an “unilateral” move would weaken the European Union. Merkel’s spokesman, Steffen Seibert was quoted as saying:

“We must not contribute to weakening the European Union and purely national measures setting the tone again in Europe”

Actually, all of Europe is revolting against the insanity that has been imposed on them, just as we are here in USA. This is all a Trump phenomenon ! The old left insanity is failing fast, because enough time has passed to prove it all wrong and criminal. Socialism/communism simply does not work, no matter who is trying to force it on you ! And we now can see how absurd the community organizer presidency experiment worked out. It was all just a ruse and another creation of control mechanisms forced on you using a partial black man as part of the ruse.

Chain migration to welfare for votes is the greatest vote rigging scheme ever concocted by the globalists. Voters without borders!  Watching Merkel’s performance is quite amazing. I have never seen a political leader so intent on destroying the future of her own people. By all accounts, a vast majority of Germans want an end to this madness of accepting inassimilable migrants, but she nonetheless refuses to stop. Amazing.

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Now when the borders are pretty much closed by Austria, Hungary and recently Italy, it doesn’t really matter what Merkel says and wants. The best thing for the Italian government would be to pack 650,000 migrants from Africa to trains, seal all cars and bring them through Austria to Germany . I’d love to see Merkel’s reaction.

The truth is, establishment parties do not represent their citizens. New political parties actually accountable to the electorates need to be formed; and quickly if Westerners want to stop the societal and cultural transformations destroying their countries.

Europe and America can solve the demographic problem by creating a pro-family anti-abortion culture.

Look at Ireland, they have no demographic problems due to their anti-abortion stance. As a result, their economic growth rate is the highest in the West. A pro-family, pro-life culture would cost less than migration, and I am not even bringing in the ethical issue.  However, it was very inconvenient for the globalist NWO Soros network that there is an example of a Western country which solved its demographic problems by simply banning or discouraging abortions, and promoting a pro-family culture. It was a proof that a developed country can solve its demographic problems easily without migration.

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Hence the Ireland abortion referendum, that was initiated by the Soros network, the pro-abortion campaign was financed by him and publicized in the media related to him. All those arguments of women’s rights, health care etc. were typical fake arguments;  the real reason was something else, something more sinister. They always hide behind these fake arguments, false ‘values’ to get what they want. They use fake non-general examples as well to push their ideology; for example, that one woman who suffered because she did not get an abortion. But she does not represent the typical abortion case profile. Only about 0.01% of women need abortions due to health problems and even those cases can be handled through other procedures.

Third world migration does not contribute to economic growth anywhere in the developed world according to the macro stats. All these pro-migration economies have been in stagnation mode since migration and ‘diversity’ started 20-30 years ago.  Not to mention the debt and government deficit caused by migration. Most developed economies would be better off without these third world migrants. The money invested in them yield no return.

What is good for some companies on a microeconomic level is extremely damaging for the economy on a macro level.


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