The Final Version of Europe’s “Meme Ban” is Here

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by axolotl_peyotl


he EU is clearly a testing ground for the group of international fascists that have been operating rather blatantly since the end of WWII.

The goals of the Nazis etc. were transformed after the war into the Western intelligence agencies like the CIA, as well as NATO and eventually the European Union itself.

Indeed, contingency plans were set up by the Nazis themselves before the end of the war as they realized they wouldn’t win militarily.

Instead, they set their sights on an economic future, with a fascist “union” in Europe with Germany at the head.

Incredibly, fascism is alive an well in the EU, and despite being clear that the bad guys won, it just goes to show how backwards everything is by how the EU is help up as a bastion of freedom, when it’s demonstrably the opposite.

The EFF certainly isn’t mincing words:

Europe: What began as a bad idea has become an outright crisis for the future of the Internet as we know it: the #CopyrightDirective is headed for a final vote. There’s never been a moment where your voice mattered more.




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