The Future is Bleak

by Chris Black

I just got done re-watching Died Suddenly, and it left me feeling hopeless. You see, I thought eventually the evidence would be too much to ignore or hide, but we’ve reached a point where it should be, and nothing is happening.

Insurance companies predicted that a 10% rise in all-cause mortality would be a catastrophic event in the US. We are at 40%.

Birthrates are down 70% in Australia, other countries are getting there as well.

Still births and miscarriages in some places are up 71 sigma, which is 71 times the standard deviation from the normal, in other words, a statistical impossibility.

These fucking shots are killing people, will kill even more people, and worst of all, it’s sterilizing us.

Watching people react to all this plandemic bullshit transformed me into a misanthrope.

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What I find funy is that excess deaths are up 10-40% and it is not reported on. 

Every day when I turned the news on from 2020-2022 it was a reported daily the numbers of covid cases/deaths, then it was unvaccinated cases/deaths. 

Why all of a sudden did that stop? 

More people are dying now than during the pandemic and it’s not even acknowledged.

Because your news is sponsored by Pfizer. 

Big Pharma spends the majority of all advertising money and they are flush with taxpayer cash right now.


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