The Future of America in the Age of Social Media

by Chris Black

The future of America is credentialed freaks and nerds who don’t produce anything using the country’s institutional power to fulfil their high school revenge fantasies as America crumbles to ash.

Don’t believe me? They’re all on Twitter right now. They all have the same Hollywood “truth to power” stand up to the bully script on standby where they’re finally vindicated for whatever weirdness they imbibe in and everyone claps as they tell off the big White dumb jock bully.

Because YT is the bully & these righteous underdogs representing the marginalized are the hero of the story, it justifies using their power to cut the bully out of the picture. They’re bad people after all. They deserve it. That means disenfranchising them from political power.

It means treating them as 2nd class citizens, at best. It means ostracizing them from participating in the economy. It means ghettoizing them. It means scapegoating them for all wrongs. It means mocking them for dying from drug overdoses & suicide.

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 Again, they deserve it. They’re bad people. Anything is justified against a bully.

And once the bully has finally been disposed of, everyone different from the norm will be accepted. We’ll all live in a giant hug box in everlasting peace where everyone is equal, yet some will be more equal than others.

This baby-brained fantasy has been brought to you by the craven nutcases now running America. 

This is the same mind-set that gave Russia the Red Terror, being carried out again by the same parasites.

 It’s a contagious fervour. You might even say it’s a pandemic.


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