The Gilead leak was coordinated with the opening of America plan to prop markets for a week without Fed action.

by kafkagoeswest

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I knew the announcement would come today about the plan to open, but the interesting thing is the Gilead leak being promoted by the media as a massive element of this AH surge. The thought being we’re opening soon and have a therapeutic is all too convenient.

Here’s the problem: the leaked data is totally untrustworthy for a handful of reasons like No Control Group, poor numbers of side effects, etc. Not to mention just a few days ago reports were coming out that the trials weren’t going so well. Maybe it will work, who knows.

But an audio recording, COINCIDENTALLY leaked within hours of Trump’s “big announcement” is just way too convenient in what has been a rigged, manipulated market. The question becomes: so how do we trade this.

Personally, I think this gives the markets a strong false sense of hope. I think we pop, maybe through next week. But eventually, and inevitably, irrational behavior will trend towards reality, and the markets will see a needed and healthy correction- but my guess is this will be coming much later than anticipated. 6 trillion of a pump, along with tweets and congress passing bills, is going to fuel this market. Keep in mind, the majority of stocks are held by institutional investors: your pension funds, etc. The government and Fed ain’t gonna let the Boomers lose their fucking nest eggs. At the same point, the funds that manage those assets: I guarantee right now they’re using this massive leg up to reposition themselves, open new hedges, and find shady backdoor deals to brace the inevitable collapse, so that they are softened, while the rest of the world holding our stocks lose a tremendous value, double hit by inflation.

And for those people saying deflation is going to happen, you’re god damn crazy. Countries are going to need to start collecting our T bills out of necessity, and the USA is going to print even more.

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Ride the next week up, it may extend through to the end of the month. Then be ready for a 6-10 week 20% decline. Possibly sideways, with an uptrend establishing mid Q3


LYV: 44 4/23 LYV 29 7/24

TSLA 850 4/23, TSLA 650 6/15

Spy 300 4/30 SPY 235 7/24

Gold will be 2K by year end.


Disclaimer: This information is only for educational purposes. Do not make any investment decisions based on the information in this article. Do you own due diligence.


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