The Global Economic Collapse Already Here! The Economy Is Completely Rotten.

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Do you think the economy is doing well?

Everyday the economy gets weaker and weaker. There’s no chance in stopping the decline without drastic change. We will never see that change because the globalist elite have control over every sector, every institution, and every function of all countries globally. So what is the solution? Sadly, there’s no way to turn this ship around. But you can make changes in your own paradigm which will protect you and your family. First we must acknowledge the truth.



Bull Market’s Latest Hurdle: Slowing Sales Growth – WSJ

3-Month Treasury Bill: Secondary Market Rate | FRED | St. Louis Fed

BND 77.84 -0.04 -0.05% : Vanguard Total Bond Market ETF – Yahoo Finance

FCI Drag GS.jpg (689×440)

chs-inflation3.jpg (600×546)

chs-inflation4.jpg (600×368)

chs-inflation9.jpg (600×414)

chs-inflation10.jpg (600×549)

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chs-inflation12.jpg (600×540)


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