Biden Just Destroyed The Petrodollar

End of Petro-Dollar Begins, Russia Instructs Central Bank to Organize Payments From Hostile Countries in Rubles

The goal was to isolate Russia globally. But now it is the American dollar that is threatened.

Itis now a month since the war between Ukraine and Russia started. While Vladimir Putin envisaged a lightning war with a quick takeover of Ukraine, he has to face the facts: his army is far from being as powerful as he imagined, and above all, the Ukrainian people are ready to do anything to preserve their identity and their territory.

Finally, the Western world, which seemed weakened and divided, has united as never before for several years by finding a new threatening enemy in his person. In short, it would seem that Vladimir Putin has lacked judgment in starting this war.

We’ll see what happens to this war in the weeks and months ahead, but in the meantime, I think it’s important to take a step back to gain perspective. The big question I invite you to ask yourself is whether America and the European Union have succeeded in isolating Russia globally as they wanted to do.

The goal was to isolate Russia globally, but in the end, it is the American dollar that is now perceived as a threat

The stated goal was to bring the Russian economy to its knees so that Vladimir Putin would no longer be able to finance his war against Ukraine. As Joe Biden and other Western leaders have said, these sanctions will take time to take full effect and weaken Russia enough that Putin will be forced to end HIS war.

Nevertheless, it seems to me that America and the European Union had underestimated the will of the BRICS to no longer align themselves with their positions to reshuffle the cards at the global level. Do you remember the BRICS? It is an acronym that stands for Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa.

CNBC: “India’s rupee-ruble trade arrangement with Russia may be ready in a week, says export body chief” – Good Bye Petro Dollar?

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