The GOP is a SCAM: Larry Elder Says Why He Lost, Doesn’t Mention Mail-In Voting

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by Chris Black

Seriously now: how stupid American conservatives can be? Elder raised 18 million dollars to fight Newsom in the belly of the beast.

 And he’s now keeping the money now that he lost, obviously.

All “conservatives”/Republicans do is to ask for money from their constituency, then lose, or, even if they win, they don’t do shit, but they make enough money in the process to live like kings.

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Newsweek: Why did you lose to Gavin Newsom?

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Elder: Because he outspent me five to one and we’re outnumbered two-to-one Democrat compared to Republican. Even independents outnumber Republicans in California, and Newsom was successfully able to scare people into thinking I’d do everything but reenact slavery.

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No shit? Who would have thought? I am shocked. There is no mention of fraud in this interview. In fact, there is no mention of mail-in voting.


Elder is a pretty cool dude compared to other professional conservatives but he’s nothing more than a grifter. There’s no political solution in the current system. You cannot use the system to win.

 Wake up.

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