Psychopaths Trying to Suck All the Carbon Out of Atmosphere

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by Chris Black

Life on Earth is carbon-based. As in, trees and plankton remove excess carbon from the atmosphere and create oxygen through photosynthesis, maintaining equilibrium. The more carbon there is in the atmosphere, the more vegetation thrives, and with it animal life, crops are doing better etc.

If you suck the carbon out of atmosphere artificially you will kill all life. Plant life cannot grow without carbon, and without plants, we’re all going to die.

If these alleged people want to “reduce carbon,” they can just plant trees.

Instead, they create sophisticated technology to deprive plants of their resources, which is nothing but a plan to kill all life on earth.

This is satanic, to say the least.

Yahoo! News:

When the world’s biggest facility for sucking carbon dioxide out of the air and burying it underground opened in rural Iceland last week, it may have sounded like a miracle cure for climate change had finally arrived.

But while the first commercial carbon removal and sequestration factory represents a breakthrough in the goal of achieving net-zero global emissions by midcentury — as well as a beacon for eventually removing greenhouse gases from the atmosphere — the technology won’t be economically viable on a wide scale for some time. Crucially, scientists say, it will prevent catastrophic climate change only if it is used in addition to, rather than instead of, massive reductions in greenhouse gas emissions and other technologies that are cheaper.

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“It’s a baby step, but it’s a baby step that will be remembered if the industry ever develops into a mature industry,” David Morrow, the director of research for the Institute for Carbon Removal Law and Policy at American University, told Yahoo News.


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