The GOP stimulus bill DOES NOT bail out corporations. It only offers them loans. The only people that are being bailed out is small businesses and the american people. Stop spreading CNN propaganda

by PropagandaDebunker

The dems and MSM have been pushing the narrative that the GOP is “bailing out corporations” which is a lie. This is all to distract you from their political stunt that they’re doing because they’re holding America hostage in an attempt to pass a Trojan horse bill that will allow them to rig the next elections and implement policies from the green new deal.

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Examples of the things the dems are trying to pass – Same day voter registration, a long-time Dem wishlist item, very relevant to addressing those businesses and working families about to go under from COVID19.

Ah, yes, requiring early voting will save us all from COVID19

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Bailing the USPS out of all its debt doesn’t help the american people with COVID19

provisions for “conducting risk-limiting audits of results of elections” doesn’t help the american people with COVID19

Heres a link to the dems bill

Heres a link to the GOP bill