The government and media are making people into psychos who fear each other’s mere presence.

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by ImOnTheBus

Yeah, I know I’m preaching to the choir but here’s a rant:

Don’t like to talk about work on the internet just feels kinda wrong, so will be vague. The media has obviously turned the fear dial way up lately and I am astounded that it still works so well after 2 f*cking years of this BS.

My work is well under 100 people and in a red state, so as far as I know: they don’t have to do jack shit to address Covid, but in my opinion: they’re overly cautious. Everybody has to wear masks and if somebody has so much as a sniffle they’re want you to call off, and everybody has these pieces of tape near where they work to indicate 6 feet, and nobody is supposed to cross them (as if that’s going to do anything).

starting a few weeks ago this coworker keeps running away from people and then going home because of The Fear. Now I’m having to pick up the slack, which is fine I guess, but the nature of my work makes this the most busy time of year by far.

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I adhere to the red tape even though I think it’s silly. Went behind this coworker’s piece of tape to tell them something work related and they were literally recoiling in horror from my presence with hands up in defensive posture. They ended up leaving again because of that and threatening to “report us”. Genuine fear in their eyes too, I don’t think it’s for the sake of trying to get out of work or anything.

Didn’t really get in trouble or anything but was approached about it, and it’s clear that I was behind the tape and not sick at all or anything, so I guess just about me having a body that can potentially harbor disease which is what I’ve been doing since day 1. Also haven’t told anybody there that I refuse to get the injections and have seen the same behavior toward people who brag about having it, so don’t think it has anything to do with that.

What is going on is absolutely f*cked up. The government and media are purposely making people fearful of the mere presence of other people and I don’t like it. Thanks for reading my rant and happy holidays.

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